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Community Mobilisation and RecruitmentThe purpose of this is to engage 7215 youth entrepreneurs in different sales channels to avail …2022/10/17Download
Call for Mobilisation and Recruitment Services AdvertThe purpose of this intervention aims to create 7,215 decent and fulfilling work opportunities for …2022/10/17Download
Fish Value Chain AnalysisThe purpose of this is to assess the status of the fish sector in terms …2022/10/05Download
Small Business ManagementThe purpose of the consultant is to enhance the business management skills of participants for …2022/09/29Download
Marketing and Advertising ServicesThe purpose of the advertising is to create brand visibility and product awareness which will …2022/09/29Download
Gender Mainstreaming ConsultantThe purpose of the consultant is to build and strengthen the project’s capacity on carrying …2022/09/29Download
Fish Handling ConsultantThe purpose of the consultant is to train in aspects of fish quality, quality control …2022/09/29Download
Financial literacy and Mindset changeThe purpose of the financial literacy consultant and Mindset consultant is to support young entrepreneurs …2022/09/29Download



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